Parachute is an audio display of propositions that aims at enhancing the openness of ear. No particular genre is targetted, on the contrary, it’s a whole range of inventive, hybrid, deviant or apocalyptic types of music that will be put forward. Parachute will thus drift between electronic or electro-acoustic music, pop, rock or rap. Soft, rugged, enchanting or simply beautiful, the Prcht wave v.02 wishes to allow you to make discoveries. Nomadic, it will be listened to on such « air » that can be subject to fluctuation. Nocturnal, since its broadcast will only be performed after nightfall. Active, as it will try to offer an alternative, by proposing musics said to be under Creative Commons licence, originating from small or hardly known labels whose audience is relatively restraint. At least, we hope it will, Have e good jump !!! P.

Radio Campus Pau – Wednesday 7 PM     here
Radios Libres en Périgord – Thursday  23h30 102.3 FM here
CFM Radio – Sunday 11 PM        101.2 FM here
π-Node – Friday 11 PM here
Radio MNE – Monday 9 PM here